Stargate: Every Villain Ranked Worst To Best

Ranking every villain across all seasons of the Stargate universe from worst to best.

The Ori Stargate

Ever since Daniel Jackson decrypted the constellations on the Stargate in 1994, the galaxies beyond Earth have opened up to a wide array of threats and villains. From the tyrannical grip of the Goa'uld Empire to the insidious feeding grounds of the Wraith, there are untold enemies waiting out in the distant stars. With a mixture of ingenuity, courage, and skill with a P-90, the soldiers and scientists of Stargate Command have risen to every challenge presented to them.

But not all enemies are created equal, not everyone has the classic gravitas of Ra, not everyone can be as manipulative as Ba'al and not all foes can threaten the galaxy on the scale of the Replicators. So who ranks up as the most dangerous enemies that Stargate Command has faced? Who is the most interesting? Who is the most boring and easiest to defeat?

Including all 10 seasons of Stargate: SG1, as well as all 5 seasons of Stargate: Atlantis and both seasons of Stargate: Universe, let's have a look at the various despots, dictators, and Drones that gave the show its iconic array of intergalactic threats

18. The Nakai

The Ori Stargate

The first recurring bad-guy race to appear in Stargate Universe, the Nakai have a fish-like bipedal appearance that seems to glow blue. They're a strange species who have been tracking the Destiny for a long time, with their agents even having landed on it in the past. They clash with the Destiny survivors a number of times, notably capturing Chloe Armstrong and the stranded Nicholas Rush.

While not a great deal is known about the Nakai and their objectives, they seem obsessed with the Destiny and envious of its technology. It's possible that they learned how to make intergalactic hyperdrives from studying the Destiny's engines and they possess some of the communication stones that make intergalactic contact possible.

The Nakai were not particularly well fleshed out and lacked any central goal, all while struggling against the backlash of the aesthetic change for this series. Overall, a rather forgettable antagonist faction with little for the audience to understand about them.

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