Supergirl Season 2: 8 Easter Eggs & References You Might've Missed In 'The Adventures Of Supergirl'

Superman Returns... To The Small Screen.

The CW/Fox/DC Comics

Supergirl’s season two premiere represents a big change for the show. For one, it is the first episode to air on The CW network – marking a new direction for the series that will see it further conjoined with the likes of Arrow, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow. Most significantly, though, it at long last saw the introduction of Kara’s cousin Superman. Not just as a silhouette or on the phone but actually there in the flesh.

As much as Melissa Benoist still carried the episode, it has to be said that the Man of Steel totally stole the show. Tyler Hoechlin gave a very charming performance as a Superman who felt drawn from just about every adaptation of the character over his nigh on eighty year existence. He even shared the lack of underpants with Henry Cavill’s incarnation (though he certainly smiles a lot more than the DCEU’s super-sourpuss).

In that vein, the whole episode was steeped in affectionate callbacks and references to the adventures of Superman across comics, movies, TV and even radio. Some of these couldn’t be missed – like the name-checks of Lois Lane, Lex Luthor and Perry White – while others were a lot more subtle.


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