Supergirl Season 2: 8 Easter Eggs & References You Might've Missed In 'The Adventures Of Supergirl'

8. Radio References

Wikimedia Commons

First up, one area that the episode really draws from is the original adaptation of Superman – The Adventures of Superman radio programme that ran throughout the 1940s. Multiple iconic phrases that originated on that show made their way into the episode.

When Superman first appears to help Supergirl rescue the failed Venture launch, she says “this looks like a job for the both of us.” This is a sly nod to the famous line “this looks like a job… for Superman!” Another staple of the radio show was the phrase "up, up and away", used as a way to signify to listeners that Clark was about to fly off. Clark and Kara both use the phrase here.

Likewise, there are not one but two uses of the term “mild-mannered” – Clark uses it to describe himself and Cat later refers to Kara in the same way. This description of Superman’s alter ego originally featured in the intro to the radio show.

Surprisingly, there isn’t a “is it a bird? Is it a plane?” reference, but then that one might just be a bit too on the nose. Plus, it was previously used in The Flash to introduce Brandon Routh (star of Superman Returns).


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