Supergirl Season 4: 4 Ups & 3 Downs From 'Menagerie'

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Contains spoilers from Supergirl Season 4, Episode 12.

Following yet another brief hiatus from screens, Supergirl made its return to The CW this week with the twelfth offering of its fourth season.

So far, this season has focused on the impact that aliens have had on Earth's human population, leading to a series of discussions that effectively address many of the issues going on in the real world. Though those discussions had been absent from the show's latest stint of episodes, they effectively returned this week.

Centering on the arrival of a new snake-like alien, 'Menagerie' saw a number of this season's foundations return to prominence as the focus was once again placed on Agent Liberty himself, Ben Lockwood, and his Children of Liberty, as the group attempted to "save the day". In doing so, they put the President of the United States under duress and made life a lot harder for the D.E.O. But thanks to the intervention of Supergirl, and the arrival of a new hero, things looked a little more promising for National City.

All in all, 'Menagerie' effectively resurrected the season's most relevant topics, creating some well-engineered conflict to serve as the perfect backdrop for the introduction of its newest superhero. Though it was far from perfect, it made for an enjoyable watch.

First, the positives...

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