Supernatural: 10 Most Cringeworthy Moments

Paris Hilton as a shape-shifting Pagan God? Yikes!

Supernatural Paris Hilton
The CW

Supernatural is a show that doesn't need to prove its legacy. The CW series ran for a whopping fifteen seasons, and in that time, it produced some of the most compelling TV of the era. It was kick-ass, funny, full of great music, and, unfortunately, cringeworthy as hell at times.

It's fair to say that with the multitude of episodes Supernatural produced, there were going to be a couple of dud scenes every now and again. You can't create something for that long and expect the whole journey to be a smooth ride, and, sure enough, the show tripped up on those hurdles quite often.

The thing is, as with most aspects of Supernatural, when it went wrong, it did it to the max. This led to a host of moments throughout the series that left even the most die-hard fans sweating a little and having to look away from the awkward display in front of them.

These ten coming examples are the epitome of Supernatural at its most cringe. There's still a self-aware joy to be found in all of them, but that doesn't make them easy to sit through.

10. The Racist Ghost Truck

Supernatural Paris Hilton
The CW

The title says it all; a racist ghost truck, a truck that is a ghost that is also racist. Who on Earth signed off on that idea?

This one came from the early days of Supernatural, that being the first season. No one is debating that it must have been tough to develop a new monster of the week for so many episodes, but that's no excuse for this dreadfully cringe moment that came at the hands of the episode "Route 666".

In this outing, Dean is contacted by his first love (Cassie) and heads down with Sam in tow to investigate a string of racially motivated murders. It soon becomes apparent that the killer is a truck possessed by the spirit of a racist man seeking revenge. Not your average Supernatural villain, that's for sure.

If Steven King's Maximum Overdrive has taught us anything, it's that possessed vehicle stories often run out of gas pretty quick. That's certainly the case here, as it's so tricky to take the premise seriously, leading to a slew of awkwardness as the characters try to sell the severity of this racist phantom vehicle.


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