Supernatural: 10 Most Terrifying Creatures

Supernatural has enjoyed ten wonderfully creepy years of horrifying monsters.

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The world of legends and lore is an endless pit of horror and terror, ready to be reinterpreted and reborn for every genre imaginable. No vampiric creature looks or behaves like the other, every shapeshifter has his own badass style, and there are probably more versions of ghosts and ghouls out there than coffee brands.

Multiple horror TV shows work their way through these monsters you know and love, just to give us their own spin on our favourite terrifiers. As one of the most successful and long running shows, Supernatural has been around for more than ten wonderfully creepy years and was going strong until the last creepy scene.

We survived the Apocalypse, got mesmerised by Blood Mary, fantasised about rocking John Winchester's baseball bat, and went emotional every time the brothers found a moment to drink beer and revealed just a little bit more about their personal life.

Through the many, many years, the show has admittedly gotten slightly more silly and definitely more emotional, maybe a bit less scary, making the family business of monster hunting less of a gore fest. But since freaky creatures are most definitely the Winchester's specialty, let’s take a walk down memory lane and remember some of them, each one memorable in its own right.

Some may not even look very eerie, but on the inside, they give the biggest chills.

10. Shtriga

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In Albanian mythology and folklore, a Shtriga is a vampiric witch that sucks the blood of sleeping infants at night, then turns into a flying insect to escape. She is often pictured as a woman with a hateful stare and a horribly distorted face. In Supernatural the Shtriga is a kind of witch, but has origins that lead back to Ancient Rome. This version feeds of breath, your very life force, taking your vitality and making your immunity go to hell.

Shtrigas can feed off anyone, but prefer children - yep, another one of those. It is assumed that this is because children have simply more energy than us old folk. According to Sam, Shtrigas are invulnerable to all weapons made by God and Man.

Prior to the events that take place in the show, it is implied that Sam and Dean encountered a Shtriga as children. Once John left Dean in charge of taking care of Sam while he went to hunt the creature, but when Dean went out later that night, he found a Shtriga feeding on Sam. John shot the creature, causing it to retreat and escape. When John returned for it later, she was nowhere to be found.

The old hag myth is always an eerie one, from the Evil Queen disguised as an old woman in the Grimm's Fairy Tales, to the Baba Yaga, we find them throughout history, legends and sometimes in real life.

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