Supernatural: 10 Most Terrifying Creatures

9. Crocotta

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This toothy fellow could easily pass as one of the many forms of vampires, and replaces the actual vampire on this very short list. In Supernatural the Crocotta is commonly described as a luring creature, calling people by their name by imitating the voice of a loved one to draw them deeper into the forest to devour them. One Crocotta notes this specifically while bragging about how it was usually forced to wait for days for some fine human snack in the old and far more superstitious days. In the modern age, the Crocotta has evolved enough to reach out to humans via email or phone instead of calling them into the woods.

Crocotta live in filth which might make a visit at their home a bit uncomfortable, and are renowned for whispering "come to me" in a luring manner. While the true appearance of the Crocotta is unknown, it can appear mostly human. Only when it feeds (or speaks), it unhinges its jaw to reveal large, needle sharp teeth like BBQ knives. The fellow in season 3 does have a Nosferatu-vibe after all, which might just emphasise his relation to the good old vampire designs form black and white movies. Better watch out who invites you for dinner, ey?

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