Supernatural Quiz: Dean Winchester - Finish These Quotes

The Batman of the paranormal world!

The CW

Boasting a wit with as much firepower as his namesake, Dean Winchester talks the talk, and when it comes to hunting demons and paranormal entities, he sure does walk the walk.

Spearheading one of TV’s longest running franchises with his brother Sam, Dean chases ghosts, ghouls and everything in-between across the United States for fun. Dean is arguably the main reason for the continued success behind the behemoth that Supernatural has become, mixing quick wit and comedic value amongst the horror in every single episode.

Personifying heaven and hell in one character is the sheer genius of Supernatural's writing, and has created one of the most watchable characters TV has ever seen.

How well do you really know the Righteous Man? Are you a Dean super-fan?

Answers at the end!

1. "Driver Picks The Music, Shotgun Shuts His..."


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