Supernatural Quiz: The Hardest Castiel Quiz On The Internet

How well do you really know the Fallen Angel?

Supernatural Castiel
The CW

When Eric Kripke created Supernatural, he could have no idea just how huge the show would become following that September 2005 premiere.

As evidence of this, Kripke envisioned the series as being a five-season affair at the absolute most. Something that was obviously far surpassed when Supernatural amassed a ridiculous 15 seasons by the time all was said and done.

It’s impossible to think of Supernatural and not think of Sam and Dean Winchester, yet it’s testament to the character of Castiel that he became just as a popular, if not more so in some circles, than Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki’s Winchesters.

Played by Misha Collins, Cass forever stole the show whenever he was on screen. From his good days, to his bad days, and even through numerous ‘deaths’, this all-powerful angel is up there as one of the truly great modern-day genre characters.

Many Supernatural fans will claim to have Castiel as their absolute favourite character from this iconic series, but how well do you really know this most beloved figure? Here it’s time to find out, as we’ve put together the undoubted HARDEST Castiel quiz you’ll find anywhere online!

1. In What Season Did Castiel Make His First Full Appearance In Supernatural?


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