Supernatural Quiz: Who Gave Sam Winchester These Nicknames?

Do you know all the nicknames given to the Dean Winchester's little brother, Sammy?

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The life of a hunter is a long trip, full of scary creatures and bloody cases - not to mention the emotional burden. Every hunter carries around baggage, whether be it from unsolved cases or from people you have failed to save. This is why Sam Winchester tried to quit the family business, lead a normal life. He desperately wanted to become a lawyer and marry college sweetheart, Jessica, but that’s not what Azazel and Lucifer and, of course, the almighty God had in store for him.

After Jessica’s murder, Sammy reunited with his brother Dean, full of revenge and hatred. This was both the best and worst thing he did.

This well built, athletic man was created to be a member of Man of Letters, not someone’s legal puppet. The truth is that his height, muscular chest and broad shoulders did a little more than fighting. They made room for funny dialogues and nicknames in many terrifying situations.

Now, let’s see if you can identify which Supernatural character we should thank for Sammy’s hilarious nicknames.

Answers at the end!

1. Bitch


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