Supernatural Quiz: Who Searched It - Sam Or Dean?

We know that Moose loved research, but what about Squirrel?

Supernatural Sam Dean
The CW

Sam and Dean Winchester have been fighting evil since they were little kids. They got skilled at the family business as adults, following in their dad’s journal and uniting over the same values. As Eric Kripke loved urban legends of the states, he put the guys in various difficult situations, the way out of which was always hidden in ancient books of mythologies, symbols and rituals.

The brothers spent days and nights in libraries looking through old books and old papers to find evidence, a cure, a spell or a way of killing a paranormal creatures. After all, John's journal didn't cover all paranormal scenarios and monster killing techniques!

Aside from the old school methods, Sam and Dean Winchester used the Internet to solve their tangled cases. Dean cannot argue that his little brother's addiction for research and skills in this sphere came in handy. Go Sam!

Well, let’s find out what Sam and Dean’s history of research looks like. Can you match the following google searches made by either Sam or Dean to the correct brother? Let's find out!

1. The Best Pie In Every State.


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