Supernatural Quotes Quiz: Who Said It - John Or Mary Winchester?

Was it Sir or Mother Winchester who said these lines?

John Mary Winchester Supernatural
The CW

Supernatural taught us how to fight monsters and uphold family heritage. But most importantly, it shows the fans that nothing ever really ends, does it?

In the spirit of this lifetime philosophy, Jensen Ackles, the star of the dark fantasy series, who portrayed hunter Dean Winchester, pitched the idea of a Supernatural spin-off, the Winchesters giving fans something to get over the finale of the show, Carry on.

The Winchesters will focus on the parents of Sam and Dean, introducing us to their love story that grew along with the paranormal events and creatures. This means that we won’t be seeing Sam and Dean Winchester so far. But the good news is that the story will be narrated by Jensen Ackles. That’s something, right? And who knows, time travel has never been a problem for Winchesters, so maybe with the development of the spin-off we’ll get a chance to see Sam and Dean’s brotherhood one more time.

But before rushing into something, let’s remember Mary and John Winchester's appearance on Supernatural. You need to be a real Winchester expert to match the following lines to the right hunter and score full marks!

1. "I Want You To Watch Out For Sammy, Okay?"


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