Taboo Season 2: Everything We Know

8. Returning Characters

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Survivors of the season finale carnage include both the Prince Regent and his aide, so we can expect to see Mark Gatiss and Jason Watkins as Solomon Coop, the Machiavellian Private Secretary to the Crown.

As the major players in Delaney's crew are aboard The Good Hope, bound for The Azores, most should make an appearance in season two: Lorna Bow (Jessie Buckley), actress and Delaney's mother in law was shot in the arm but is still out for her share of Nookta Sound as the wife of the late Horace Delaney.

Atticus (Stephen Graham), French Bill (Scroobius Pip), Pearl (Tallulah Haddon), and Michael Godfrey (Edward Hogg) all made it safely aboard The Good Hope, provided the actors are still involved with the project, perhaps with the exception of Dr.George Cholmondeley (Tom Hollander), victim of his own extensive gunpowder expertise and now on the verge of death aboard the vessel.

Brace (David Hayman), Delaney's loyal retainer, has been left in London so it's possible he will appear as an agent, feeding intel to George Chichester (Lucien Msamati), spokesperson for the Abolitionist group, The Sons of Africa and another safe bet to return.

Sir Stuart Strange (Jonathan Pryce) was killed by Delaney's letter bomb so now that season one's main villain is no longer, who will replace him? Expect either Coop or a new character to assume the position.

Oh yeah, Tom Hardy might show up too...

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