Teen Wolf: Every Season Ranked From Worst To Best

Which season of this underrated gem is the Alpha of Alphas?

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Teen Wolf is a seriously underrated piece of TV drama which ran for six seasons and a satisfying 100 episodes between 2011 and 2017. Introducing fans to a host of unforgettable characters - Scott McCall, Lydia Martin, Stiles Stilinski - and a wide range of acting talent (Dylan O'Brien, Shelley Hennig and Daniel Sharman all got their starts here) Teen Wolf got bigger and more daring with every season.

Whether it was killing off fan favourites, making our heroes' lives a living hell, or diving head-first into pure-horror territory, it's a show that never fully let audiences down.

Teen Wolf was a moderate success during its run, raking in about two million viewers a season - pretty good going for a show advertised as a teen drama about werewolves and a re-imagining of the 1985 movie of the same name (which it is nothing like).

Like Buffy the Vampire Slayer before it, Teen Wolf remained all about the people and the trials and tribulations of growing up... only, you know, with werewolves, banshees, assassins, hellhounds and 25/30-year-old's pretending to be teenagers. And it pulled it all off brilliantly.

Seasons three, five and six were split into two parts, and will be ranked as such for this list.

Spoilers follow.

9. Season 6B

Teen Wolf MTV

Let's get this out in the open before we get into things: No season of Teen Wolf is "bad". They're all well-made, exciting, with great character moments and solid drama and action. In the case of the second part of Season Six, it's just that something had to be at the bottom of the pile.

The second half of Season Six works on a number of levels, all typical to the tone and genre of the show. It's got a solid arc, making the hunters of Season One the bad guys again, and a plot which suggests that nothing will ever be the same. Plus, missing fan favourites Stiles, Jackson, Ethan and Derek come back to the fold for one last battle.

Unfortunately, everything else feels very off. Sure, Stiles being gone is a big issue in places, but it's more than that; the villain (the Anuk-Ite) is a formidable presence, but its origins are rushed and its demise easily achieved. Also, the whole thing with the hunters gearing up for war, whilst a solid plot point on paper, is often rushed and the threat of new characters - Monroe, Nolan - is cheapened by underdevelopment and annoying character traits not usually seen on the show.

Still, there are some emotional pay-offs (mainly the returning faces) and the ending deserves props for finishing with ambiguity. Other than that, it's a bit of a lackluster affair.

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