The Big Bang Theory: 10 Cool Things You Can Actually Own

The Big Bang Theory is chocked full of awesome games, interesting gadgets and pop-culture memorabilia you can actually own for reals!

Thanks to The Big Bang Theory, nerds are cool and science has never been so much fun. And they€™ve done a pretty good job at filling that Friends-shaped void left in E4€™s schedule over the past year. But unlike Friends, The Big Bang Theory is chocked full of awesome games, interesting gadgets and pop-culture memorabilia you can actually own for reals! It€™s a proper nerdgasm! I€™m not talking about Xbox 360€™s, Nintendo Wii€™s or marathon World of Warcraft sessions. That€™s kids stuff. No, no. I€™m delving into the deepest, geekiest depths of the show. That thing in the background on the bookshelf you see for a split second? Yep, you can probably buy that. Some of the things I found myself typing into Google were beyond embarrassing. If I was searching €˜What episode of The Big Bang Theory features a 3D Star Trek chess game?€™ in a public place, I€™d be looking over my shoulder and hoping no girls would see what I was doing. Seriously, this is the most nerdy, time-consuming feature I€™ve ever written. But did we ever see Ross Gellar swinging around a limited edition Klingon sword or using a light sabre as a torch? I don€™t ruddy think so! And that attention to detail is why we love The Big Bang Theory.

10. Sheldon's T-shirts

Available at here:Seen in: Every single episode Without fail, every episode of The Big Bang Theory showcases a wonderful t-shirt from the wardrobe of Dr. Sheldon Cooper. Made up mainly of superhero shirts, my favourite is the evolution of man shirt ending with a robot. They€™re a familiar staple of the show and for the producers, a nice little money spinner too. Type €˜Sheldon Cooper€™s t-shirts€™ into Google and you€™re absolutely spoilt for choice, they€™re all over the internet. Just avoid the crap €˜Bazinga!€™ shirts.

9. Star Trek Tri-Dimensional Chess Board

Available at here:Seen in: Season one, episode 11: €˜The Pancake Batter Anomaly€™ I don€™t get chess, so seeing it played on a fancy three-dimensional Star Trek board scares the life out of me. But, if you€™re as good at it as Sheldon is, then you€™ll be pleased to know such a board is available on for the bargain price of $495.11 (a mere £317!). Be quick though, there are only thirteen left in stock! Just think, if you win a game, you can taunt your opponent and say €˜it must be humbling to suck on so many levels€™. The opportunity to utter such a quip is worth the money alone.

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