The Big Bang Theory: 10 Cool Things You Can Actually Own

8. Raj's Soundtrack T-Shirt

Available at here:Seen in: Season three, episode 16 €˜The Excelsior Acquisition€™ Have you ever dreamt of having a soundtrack to your own life? A sound effect for any occasion? Your own theme music? No? Clearly just me then. Nevertheless, it is possible, and Raj demonstrates the endless fun you can have with such a shirt. Imagine walking into a room with The Imperial March from Star Wars blasting from your shirt. Everyone will think you€™re just the coolest. That makes the $40 asking price seem an absolute bargain.

7. Periodic Table Shower Curtain

Available at here:Seen in: Season four, episode 21 €˜The Agreement Dissection€™ Now this is geeky, but a necessity for any physician - but for a shower curtain, perhaps a little overpriced at £26.99. But a regular feature in Leonard and Sheldon€™s bathroom, it€™s undeniably awesome. Every time you take a shower you€™ll find yourself reading the ingredients of your shampoo and checking where the complicated-sounding chemicals appear on the table. Massively detailed with easy-on-the-eye colours, this would be ideal for last-minute revision for chemistry exams. If only I had it during my GCSE€™s.

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