The Big Bang Theory: 10 Theories On How It Will End

How do you think The Big Bang Theory will come to an end?


Television shows end all the time, but they rarely are given the chance to make a proper exit. Often, they are canceled without reason or hang on for too long and go off the air in a way few enjoy.

Sometimes, a series reaches its natural conclusion, which helps viewers come to terms with the characters and their lives. This can either work well as it did when M*A*S*H went off the air, or it can enrage a lot of people like when The Sopranos cut to black.

The Big Bang Theory has finally reached its last season and fans have been kicking around theories, ideas, and rumors about how it will come to an end all over the internet.

Most of the theories out there are completely insane, but a few make quite a lot of sense. When you look back at all 12 seasons, the characters, and the situations they found themselves in, it's possible to imagine how the show might conclude. These ten theories represent the most probable ideas fans have put together as ways the show may finally come to an end.


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