The Big Bang Theory: 10 Worst Characters Who Appeared After Season One

8. Stephanie

Big Bang Theory Emily

Throughout TBBT, the ensemble have had their fair share of bad partners. But one of Leonard's first flames, Dr Stephanie Barnett, also happens to be among the worst. First off, Sheldon admitted she was the first of Leonard's girlfriends that he liked. (That should've been the first red flag.)

Even though Stephanie is introduced as Howard's latest conquest, she finds herself more interested in Leonard, and makes out with him the first chance she gets. Once they start going out, it becomes abundantly clear how controlling she is. She moves into Sheldon's apartment without running it by Leonard. She is immediately hostile towards Penny, simply because she's pretty. However, we all knew Stephanie and Leonard weren't going to last when she performed the cardinal sin - she got rid of the Bat-Signal in Leonard's room.

Even though we never saw the couple break up, viewers didn't care since it meant they didn't have to see Stephanie anymore. It's worth mentioning that Stephanie is mentioned the least of all of Leonard's exes, which proves how little the gang cared about her in hindsight.


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