The Big Bang Theory: 10 Worst Characters Who Appeared After Season One

7. Jesse

Big Bang Theory Emily

Even though Stuart struggles with romance, friendship, and life in general, you would assume he would get on with superhero fans since he owns a comic book store. But in an ironic twist of fate, the person who bullies him the most is another comic store owner, Jesse. Because his shop, Capitol Comics Store, is a massive success, Jesse can't help belittling Stuart's dingy business every chance he gets.

Stuart tries to avoid Jesse as much as possible but is forced to enter his shop when he needs to locate a specific comic for Bernadette. After meeting Jesse for one minute, he mocks Stuart's appearance, store, and financial situation. He's so delightfully smug with his put-downs, it compels Bernadette to storm out without making her purchase. (However, she does buy it in secret later when Stuart's not around.)

What makes Jesse such a jerk is that his antagonism towards Stuart is unfounded. Being a geek himself, it's likely Jesse has been picked on many times for liking comics. Stuart has done nothing wrong to him, nor could be perceived as any credible threat. Nevertheless, Jesse can't help teasing him, simply to satisfy his own inflated ego.


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