The Big Bang Theory Finale: 9 Biggest Questions It Leaves Behind

8. Will Beverly Ever Appreciate Leonard's Work?


Leonard's relationship with his mother, Beverly, has never been easy for him, mainly due to Beverly never appreciating any of Leonard's life choices and accomplishments. She made it clear that the only reason she had children was to use them for research purposes, although she has been known to show more respect towards Leonard's brother and sister.

In the third to last episode of the series saw Beverly seemingly change her ways as she appeared to take an interest in Leonard's work, only to reveal it was indeed for research purposes only. The outburst from Leonard seemed only natural given what his mother had been doing - anyone in their right mind would do the exact same if a member of their family had done that to them.

This does, however, mean the show has gone off air with Beverly never truly appreciating Leonard's work. From the brief moment we saw of the mother/son duo bonding in that aforementioned episode, it's something that could've made for some interesting scenes, especially considering it would be the complete opposite of what we've seen thus far.

It was a nice moment though, and it would be nice to see more of this side from Beverly.


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