The Big Bang Theory: HARDEST Penny True Or False Quiz On The Internet!

Not even Leonard would 100% this Hardest Penny Big Bang Theory quiz on the internet.

Penny The Big Bang Theory

Our gateway into the wacky world of mad science, mystery and that multiverse of extreme geekiness, Penny was always the most likeable of the main characters from The Big Bang Theory. Through her we learned about the Born-Oppenheimer Approximation, the Many Worlds theory and just what it takes to be worthy enough to hold Thor's hammer.

We also learned that not everything that happens in Vegas stays in Vegas but that's another conversation for another time (hint: it involves our loveable Penny believing that marriages in Vegas chapels are just fake ceremonies and totally not official at all!).

As portrayed by Kaley Cuoco, Penny is the every girl among the super smart elite and her witty comebacks and sharp humour were often the highlight of every episode of The Big Bang Theory.

But how well do you remember all things Penny? Here, we’ve put together a quiz that even the biggest Penny fan will struggle to get 100% of. Can you remember if Penny is left or right handed? Can you remember what actives she excelled at in high school? Or whether she managed to defeat Leonard in their first ever game of chess?

Take the Hardest True or False Penny quiz on the internet and find out!!

1. Penny Is The Youngest Main Character In The Big Bang Theory?


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