The Big Bang Theory Impossible Penny True Or False Quiz: You’ll Never Get 100%

Nearly two years have passed since The Big Bang Theory left our screens and we miss it!

Penny The Big Bang Theory

Next week, two full years will have passed since The Big Bang Theory left our screens after 12 incredible seasons and 279 memorable episodes. Nothing has quite managed to replace it, has it?

The popularity of The Big Bang Theory was off the charts and by far the most relatable character was the plucky Penny Hofstadter. She was the entry vehicle into the weird and wonderful world of all things geeky and sciency, often supplying the best jokes and one-liners involving the interactions she had with the smart men across the hall.

Kaley Cuoco's portrayal of Penny Hofstadter was pitch perfect and although she has achieved a memorable turn in HBO's mystery comedy/thriller The Flight Attendant recently, she's going to find it tough to not be seen as the girl next door to the geeky lads in The Big Bang Theory for the rest of her acting career.

But how well do you remember Penny's life across hundreds of episodes of The Big Bang Theory? Can you remember her former pets, her former boyfriends, her family and just what tattoos Penny said yes to have splattered across her body?

Take our Impossible True Or False quiz below!

1. Penny Is A Sagittarius


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