The Big Bang Theory Or Brooklyn Nine-Nine Quiz: Who Said It – Sheldon Cooper Or Amy Santiago?

Who said it – Shelly Bean or The Finger Queen?

The Big Bang Theory/Brooklyn Nine-Nine Quiz

The Big Bang Theory and Brooklyn Nine-Nine are arguably the most popular sitcoms of the modern TV world.

While The Big Bang Theory is a physics-centred sitcom, the jokes of which are not very comprehensible for us ordinary folk, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a mixture of two popular genres - comedy and detective drama.

The Big Bang Theory tells the story of a brilliant physicist, the young and very talented Sheldon Cooper. The troubled genius, sure did understand the rules of the universe and board games, but it didn’t help him to communicate with people in real life.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a story about a cop of the 99th precinct for whom solving cases and fighting against crime is often less difficult than building ordinary relationships with her work collective.

Both sitcoms are bursting with dynamic and hilarious characters. The C3P-Wee Herman Sheldon and the Sergeant Amy Santiago are definitely no exception. In fact, the most hilarious lines and quotes of The Big Bang Theory and Brooklyn Nine-nine come from these rule lovers. Fans love them not only for their quirks, but also for their flaws.

Let’s see if you can identify which character said it.

1. "I Often Forget Other People Have Limitations. It’s So Sad."


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