The Big Bang Theory Quiz: Can You Fill In The Gaps To These Sheldon Cooper Quotes?

He says a lot more than just "bazinga!"

Big Bang Theory Sheldon Jim Parsons

The Big Bang Theory is a show comprised of science, geekdom, romantic troubles and a leading ensemble cast who are beloved by their fanbase. It's easily one of the most popular sitcoms of the last decade, and you can see that in both how long it's run and how influential it has been on modern culture.

Part of the show's success comes down to the (previously mentioned) cast. The likes of Leonard, Penny, Raj and more are a great selection of characters with unique humour and energy, but they are all eclipsed by the show's runaway fan favourite, Sheldon Cooper.

This Caltech theoretical physicist captured viewers' hearts with his lack of social skills, sense of humour, fandom obsessions and abrasiveness. He's certainly not the kind of person you'd want to hang out with, but throughout the series, he ended up developing into a great friend and partner.

Now, one thing that Sheldon is known for is his unique way of speaking. His rudeness and wit is something that helped him become popular, so if you're a fan of the host of "Fun With Flags", then take this as a chance to test yourself.

1. "Friends With Benefits? Does He Provide Her With ____?"


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