The Big Bang Theory Quiz: Did Sheldon Say It?

How well do you remember Shelly Bean's quotes?

The Big Bang Theory Sheldon Cooper

The Big Bang Theory made geek chic and science cool. Rarely ever had a television show portrayed geeks as the good guys whose storylines everyone wanted to follow. The series became mega-popular from the first episode largely due to the most colourful character of the entire project - Dr. Sheldon Lee Cooper.

If you look, then Dr. Cooper actually has a lot of mental abnormalities. His high attention to detail, perfectionism, fear of germs, need to structure and plan his life, intolerance to intimacy and other "cockroaches" could easily get the hero of some dramatic movie. But, thank God, Sheldon Cooper appeared not in some dark detective series, but in a positive sitcom.

He is never alone. He has true friends and a loving girlfriend. After all, he is incredibly charming in his oddities. And even though Leonard sometimes dreams of breaking the Roommate Agreement in anger, and Amy sometimes getting frustrated with Sheldon's mannerisms, they still love him. And so do we!

Let’s recall the oddities of Shelly and his hilarious one-liners and guess whether the following quotes were actually said by him.

1. “I Told You If You Don’t Put Him In His Crate At Night, He Just Runs Around The Apartment."


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