The Big Bang Theory Quiz: The TOUGHEST Penny True Or False Questions

Good luck getting 100% on this Penny quiz from The Big Bang Theory. How well do you know her?

Kaley Cuoco Big Bang Theory

Who doesn’t love The Big Bang Theory? This Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady-created series was ridiculously popular during its mammoth 12-season run, amassing a total of 279 episodes and becoming fully engrained in mainstream pop culture.

Few sitcoms – or any shows, period – in television history have managed to strike a chord quite as much as The Big Bang Theory, and the show is still adored to this very day. In fact, so popular did The Big Bang Theory prove during its run, the series spawned the Young Sheldon spin-off that’s already had two seasons of its own.

Like so many other great sitcoms, key to the success of The Big Bang Theory, of course, is the core characters of characters who anchored the show across its 12 years. And when it comes to fan favourite characters, one that so often stands out is Kaley Cuoco’s Penny.

Consider yourself a true Big Bang Theory nerd? It’s time to find out, as here’s the absolute toughest Penny quiz that only the biggest of big Big Bang Theory fans will have even a mild chance of doing well on!

1. Kripke Once Nicknamed Her Roxanne


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