The Big Bang Theory Quiz: Which Geek Said It?

Which comics loving, science spouting nerd said it?

The Big Bang Theory

Part of the appeal of sitting through a sitcom is seeing a group of people having an absolute blast together and feeling like you are a part of it yourself. You can see that demonstrated in a host of comedies like Friends, How I Met Your Mother and Seinfeld. But, if you take that core idea, and throw a splash of geekdom in there, then voilà, you've got The Big Bang Theory.

This show was such a delightful escape for many whilst still playing around with the idea of dating, relationships and the struggles of the modern-day. Part of what made it so enjoyable/relatable was the core group of friends at the forefront, those being Leonard, Howard, Raj and Sheldon.

These incredibly smart - and increasingly dorky - guys were so much fun and constantly delivered on hilarious lines to keep the crowds entertained. That's how the show managed to procure such a large fanbase during its run.

However, are you a big enough fan to tell which geek said these coming quotes? It's time to test your Big Bang Theory knowledge and see.

1. “I Am The King Of The Nerds.”


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