The Big Bang Theory Quiz: Who Am I?

Which TBBT character is it?


It all started with a big bang!

After 12 seasons and 279 episodes The Big Bang Theory became one of the greatest modern day sitcoms on television. The show introduced us to some amazing characters that we will never forget.

Sheldon, the highly intellectual nerd who isn't afraid to speak his mind, however socially awkward it may be. Penny, the cute wannabe actress who is the most disorganised person you'll ever meet. Leonard, the loveable nerd who puts everyones needs before his own. Howard, the horny astronaut. Bernadette, the cute but vicious doctor. And last but by no means least Raj, the cute Indian who dislikes Indian food.

All characters left their own stamp and gave us some great moments over the years. But just how well do you really know the characters of TBBT? Can you tell which of them the following statements relates to?

Answers at the end!

1. My Mother's Name Is Mary.


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