The Big Bang Theory Quiz: Who Kissed Who?

Let's see what's next. Oh, kissing's romantic.


The Big Bang Theory gave fans so many memorable moments for more than 12 years that it's hard to pick a favourite. Was it when Penny and Leonard kissed? The birth of Howard and Bernadette's daughter? Or what about Sheldon and Amy's receipt of a Nobel Prize? Regardless of the storyline, there was so much love going around that it kept fans coming back for more.

One of the main takeaways from the show was that anybody is capable of love. Even the narcissistic physicist better known as Sheldon Cooper manages to find himself head over heels for Amy Farrah Fowler. His character was probably the one that evolved the most over the course of the show. In the very beginning we wouldn't have believed that by the end he would be married!

Besides the unexpected proposals, the weddings and all of the other romantic shenanigans, there have also been some weird kisses on set. But just how many of those can you remember? Can you remember exactly who kissed who?

Let us know how you score in the comments thread below.

Answers are at the end!

1. Who Kissed Christy?


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