The Big Bang Theory Quiz: Who Said It - Dr. Sheldon Cooper Or Dr. Rajesh Koothrappali?

Who was it - Sheldon Lee Cooper or Rajesh Ramayan Koothrappali?

The Big Bang Theory

The story of three doctors and an engineer revolutionised the paradigm of the American sitcom. Covering the most interesting aspects of physics with vivid examples, like the Higgs Boson Observation or Schrödinger's cat, strived to prove that the American school system is a failure. But under the complicated equations, experiments and scientific theories were hidden real life lessons. Everything you need to know about outer space, families, career, friendship and love.

The citizens of Nerdvana, Sheldon, Leonerd, Raj and Howard built a strong friendship based on their mutual fondness for comic books, Star Wars and, of course, physics. As is well-known, the bond between Sheldon and Leonard and the one between Howard and Raj were the show’s most weirdest, but at the same time meaningful part.

But these friendship crossovers are not the only ones worth mentioning. For example, Sheldon and Raj had their fair share of bromance despite their differences. Their constant arguments over vampires and zombies, childish fights and pranks were hilarious. Raj is a hopeless romantic, meanwhile Sheldon thinks that oxygen is more important than love. This drastic difference does not prevent them from being friends or having similar lines. Let’s see if you can guess who said these quotes - Raj or Sheldon?

1. "I Am A Bit Of A Unicorn."


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