The Big Bang Theory Quiz: Who Said It - Penny Or Bernadette

Our two favourite blondes from The Big Bang Theory and their most memorable quotes!


For fans of The Big Bang Theory, one of the immediate favourite characters of the series was Kaley Cuoco’s Penny. The rest of the show’s initial cast may have brought the science and geekdom to the table, but Penny was the wise-ass with street smarts and a taste for heavy boozing.

On the other side of this, it took until Season 3 for her to make her first appearance, yet Melissa Rauch’s Bernadette Rostenkowski certainly made her presence known once she made her Big Bang bow – soon going on to become part of the furniture for the series.

Even though Bernadette wasn’t seen until that third year, the character was quick to have plentiful ties to some of the show’s other key faces. While it was Penny who she worked alongside at the Cheesecake Factory, it was obviously Howard who would become the most important character for Bernadette, with her eventually becoming Mrs. Rostenkowski-Wolowitz by the time all was said and done with The Big Bang Theory.

Two vastly different characters, you could be forgiven for thinking this quiz will be a doddle. Trust us, this is a poser that even Leonard and Howard would struggle with, as we ask who said it – was it Penny or was it Bernadette?!

1. "I'm Too Small For Twister. And Roller Coasters. And Sitting With My Feet On The Floor."


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