The Big Bang Theory Season 12: 10 Things That Must Happen Before It Ends

9. The Comic Book Store Is Closed

Big Bang Theory Season 12

The comic book store has always been one of the main places to find the four main male characters, along with the likes of Captain Sweatpants. After being reopened following the Season 7 finale fire, the guys have continued to conduct more arguments over comic books within the refurbished store. But for how much longer can Stuart keep the business - if you'd even want to refer to it as that - going?

The quirky owner has had a rough time over the duration of the show, constantly failing at love and having to actually live in his own store at times. He gets the regular customers in but, unless they're uber fans, Stuart can't be making that much profit. It's very much a thing on the show that's run its course, and perhaps it shouldn't have reopened after the fire at all.

There's no need for another fire though - Stuart's already been through enough as it is. Instead, he should look in to closing the store down, possibly with a sale to get rid of everything that should see the guys and the other regular customers engage in a mass bidding war.


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