The Big Bang Theory: The HARDEST Bernadette True Or False Quiz

The Big Bang Theory quiz - the toughest True or False questions you'll never 100%.

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Few shows in the history of television can claim to have had quite as much of a mainstream influence as The Big Bang Theory. Even for those who’ve never watched a single episode of the series, they immediately recognise a Flash sweater or the use of “Bazinga!” in everyday life – such is the reach of this powerhouse TV sitcom.

Even now, with its 12-season run finally having come to an end in 2019, the legacy of The Bang Theory still continues on, with prequel spin-off Young Sheldon having already wracked up four seasons of its own.

Like other classic sitcom offerings, The Big Bang Theory has a brilliant rewatchable element to it, with the jokes and adventures all still resonating in the exact same way they did the first time around. And key to that, of course, are the fantastically written characters at the show’s core.

One such great character is Melissa Rauch’s Dr Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz. While she may not have been around from the very start of The Big Bang Theory, Bernadette made a huge impression on the series when she finally did join the action.

Think you know Bernadette as well as Howard does? Hopefully so, for here there’s a Bernadette true or false quiz that even her hubby would be baffled by.

1. Bernadette's Middle Name Is Marie


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