The Big Bang Theory: The HARDEST Sheldon Cooper Quiz On The Internet

The Toughest Sheldon Cooper Big Bang Theory Quiz: Good Luck Getting 100%!


Back when the world was first introduced to the nerdy gang of misfits regularly occupying a flat in the middle of Pasadena, California in 2007, few imagined the show could go on to become one of the biggest sitcom juggernauts the genre has ever seen. Yet, 12 seasons and 279 episodes later, The Big Bang Theory has well and truly established itself as one of the most successful comedy series of all time…whether you like it or not.

Despite the main cast being made up of an assortment of hilarious and sometimes questionable personalities, though, one character stands head and shoulders above the others in terms of overall popularity. None other than the socially awkward child prodigy-turned socially awkward theoretical physicist, Sheldon Cooper. Hell, fans were so invested in the surreal life of the character, masterfully played by Jim Parsons, Sheldon got his own spin-off in the form of Young Sheldon, bringing the odd-ball’s youth to the small screen from 2017 onwards.

But, just how well do you really know the better half of Amy Farrah Fowler?

Can you honestly call yourself an expert in all things Cooper?

Or will The HARDEST Sheldon Cooper Quiz On The Internet expose an IQ far lower than that of the man in question’s mighty number (187)?

No pressure…

1. Which State Was Sheldon Born?


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