The Big Bang Theory: The Impossible Apartment Quiz!

The Big Bang Theory Quiz - How well do you remember Sheldon And Leonard's Apartment?


After 12 seasons, The Big Bang Theory finally rolled to a close in May 2019. But even then, the spirit of the show continued on, with spin-off series Young Sheldon having been on our screens since 2017 and currently in the midst of its fourth season.

There’s no debating that The Big Bang Theory became far more than just a TV sitcom during its run, as the show pierced pop culture and the mainstream like few other series in the history of television. Even if people had never seen the series, everybody had heard of The Big Bang Theory, everybody had themselves a Flash sweater, and everybody was more than familiar with the iconic “Bazinga!” catchphrase.

While the core characters of The Big Bang Theory were all brilliant in their own way and in how they played off each other, what the series also did so well is how it made an apartment feel just as pivotal a piece of the puzzle as any and all of the characters who graced our screens.

The apartment of Leonard and Sheldon may have been utterly vital to the success and endearing nature of The Big Bang Theory, but how well do you remember it?!

1. Which Apartment Did Sheldon And Leonard Used To Share?


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