The Big Bang Theory True Or False Quiz: How Well Do You Remember The Relationship Agreement?

Sheldon loved to create contracts!

The Big Bang Theory Sheldon

The spin-off of the legendary scientific sitcom The Big Bang Theory, Young Sheldon was released to be a parachute for fans after it was revealed that the fall broadcast of 2019 was going to be the show’s finale. The by-product’s success made an excellent point - fans couldn't get enough of Jim Parsons.

Narrated by adult Sheldon Cooper, the show tells the story about a little boy genius, his family problems and rough times as a special kid. Revealing some juicy details about Sheldon and Amy’s future (having kids and naming one Leonard blah blah blah), Young Sheldon truly explained the roots of Sheldon’s character – why he loved his Meemaw so much, why he hated geology or why he gave Howard such a hard time for engineering. But most importantly, why he loved drawing agreements.

What we want to know today is, just how well do you remember Sheldon Cooper? Do you remember the relationship agreements he mapped out throughout his time on The Big Bang Theory? Only Sheldon himself could ace this quiz!

1. The Relationship Agreement Was 31 Pages.


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