The Boys: 10 Insane Details You Definitely Missed

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With only sixteen episodes under its belt, The Boys has already amassed quite the fandom and proven to be one of the most popular and unique shows currently on air.

Based on the comic series by writer Garth Ennis, the show is helmed by Eric Kripke and features numerous complex characters, shifting settings and daring socio-political themes. A remix of the typical superhero genre, The Boys has gained its reputation due to its clever hidden details, real-world references and surprising twists.

The following list will take a look at all the little details the show has included that you may have missed during its first two seasons. From subtle foreshadowing, word-play, casting decisions and dialogue inspired from key moments in modern history, each of these details work to show just how unconventional, intelligent and meticulously planned the series has been.

Whether a striking metaphor, a blink and you'll miss it reference to another hit show or an interesting behind-the-scenes fact that may have passed you by, here are 10 details from The Boys you probably missed. Some spoilers follow.

10. Vought's Many Business Ventures

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Though CEO Stan Edgar says that Vought is primarily a pharmaceutical company, it's increasingly clear throughout the show's run that that's not entirely true.

Outside of being in charge of the superheroes and the home of the Seven, Vought is also shown to make movies through Vought Studios, host a Comic Con-like event for real supes called Vought Con, and release various films and shows through Vought+, a play on Disney's newest streaming service.

In the season two premiere, during Translucent's funeral, Starlight sings a song called "You'll Never Truly Vanish" in his honour. During the news broadcast about the service, a panel pops up on screen saying the song can be downloaded through the comically titled Voughtify.

If that wasn't enough, Homelander also mentions Voughtland, a Disney-inspired theme park that includes a rollercoaster based on him. All of this adds to the shows ability of twisting the real world to fit the story, and maybe poke some fun at big businesses in the process.

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