The Boys: 10 Spin-Offs We Want To See

Oi, Amazon, why don't you come down here and make some of these spin-offs already?!

Young Grace Mallory The Boys

The Boys has quite quickly become the frontrunner when it comes to superhero TV series, even battling against the MCU's Disney+ shows. All that, despite showing Supes off as absolute monsters; what a world!

However, while the mainline show is phenomenal, the idea of spin-offs is not without precedence, as the animated series Diabolical was a nice slice of fun, and the upcoming Gen-V looks set to be a compelling ride.

Eric Kripke has stated that he's interested in building a Boys cinematic universe (because what is a bankable franchise nowadays without one?). But, he has made it clear that he'd want to build it slowly.

This would be the right approach, as going in too quickly will likely make the IP feel entirely oversaturated. Thankfully, when the time is right, there are a host of solid spin-off concepts that fans want to see.

The following ten are some of the best examples, as they promise to bring more gore, violence, hilarity and super-powered debauchery. Furthermore, they would all deliver something entirely different to the mainline show, which is the whole point of a spin-off in the first place.

10. Super Duper

Young Grace Mallory The Boys
Dynamite Entertainment

Now, this is a super team with an altogether different vibe to The Seven or Payback. In fact, they're a group of Supes so harmless that not even Billy Butcher wanted to kill them - and that's saying something! While many comic readers might think they're lame (which, to be fair, they are), they're still a golden opportunity for a light-hearted, wholesome, comedic spin-off.

The team consists of a collection of low-level Supes. Unlike their superpowered peers, they don't devolve into debauchery and ego, as the group seem to genuinely enjoy being helpful in their community. They're sweet, wholesome and mentally challenged in some cases - something that would fall right into the show's focus on social commentary.

In the comics, they got involved with The Boys thanks to their violent and uncharacteristic leader Malchemical. This is a storyline that could find its way into season 4 or 5, but after introducing the characters, it would be great to see them move on from their time in the mainline show and have their own series.

It would be a massive change of pace, as the spin-off could focus on humour, comedy and wholesomeness, with very little violence and mayhem.

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