The Boys: 10 Spin-Offs We Want To See

9. A Documentary On The Rise Of Vought International

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Advertisement for TV shows usually consists of trailers, talks with the cast/crew and viral marketing. But Amazon has way, way more fun with The Boys, as they've got a whole fake company to make false media for. They love making corporate footage for Vought International, so why not go in for a penny, in for a pound?

The concept of this spin-off would be a full-blown documentary on the rise of the company, either in the form of a movie or a limited series. It could explore the company's inception back in 1939 through to its behemoth stranglehold on superheroes and the pharmacy market. This would no doubt help to flesh out the world-building.

Of course, as this would be coming from "Vought itself", it would be full of forced corporate speak, overly sugary language and a lack of focus on their atrocities. This could make it a gratifying project that pokes fun at the corporate overlords who brush all their worst elements under the rug.

Naturally, it would be even funnier coming from Amazon, which is almost the real-life version of the evil company. Now, that's some meta storytelling right there.

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