The Boys: 10 Spin-Offs We Want To See

7. The Seven In Action

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If there's one thing you never see from The Seven, it's legit crime fighting. There's a bit here and there, but not enough to justify their positions on top of the hero world. Of course, that's because they're about as far away from being real heroes as the South Pole is to the North Pole. Even so, they've got awesome powers and fun characters, so viewers want to see them in action.

One thing that could make a spin-off like this work is if it took the approach of a Vought mockumentary. Like the Vought International entry, this could be a fabricated piece of docufiction where they create showcases of their Supes' greatest hits. Each member of The Seven could have an episode dedicated to them, showing off some of their proudest crime-fighting accomplishments.

This would likely be hilarious as well, as the series could lovingly dance around the character's various issues, with a few moments where darkness might slip through the cracks.

A spin-off like this would be prime-time Boys real estate, as it's got all the hallmarks. Superpowers? Check. Popular characters? Check. Corporate censorship? Check!

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