The Boys: 10 Spin-Offs We Want To See

8. Cindy's Rampage

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Thus far, this list has discussed a spin-off that could be way funnier and more wholesome than the mainline series. But, the opposite end of that spectrum exists as well, as there's a character who could turn The Boys into a purebred horror show.

For anyone who has forgotten, or didn't notice in the first place, Cindy was a patient at the Sage Grove Centre. She was essentially a superpowered wrecking ball as her terrifying telekinetic powers let her ravage the place like Darth Vader at the end of Rogue One - albeit with way more blood.

It seems clear that the terrifying, buzzcut-wearing psychopath will come back into the show at some point (otherwise, Chekov's gun will never fire), but it would be awesome - and freaky - to see what she was up to after she escaped the facility.

This spin-off could explore her time rampaging through America, hitchhiking and likely killing a whole lot of innocent people. Still, more than just being an exercise in horror, it could strengthen her character and fill in some of her blanks.

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