The Boys: 10 WORST Powers

Not all Supes are created equal.

The Boys

Everybody wants superpowers, but if you got one of these, then you might wish the radioactive animal that bit you had just finished you off instead.

Many superhero projects go out of their way to show how great it is to have superpowers. The idea of unique abilities going hand in hand with justice has become the basic steps to almost every story audiences see nowadays. But, Amazon's The Boys doesn't think the same way; in fact, to put it like Billy Butcher, powers like that will turn you into "a c***".

Still, although The Boys might paint an awful picture of Supes, it still boasts a bunch of awesome powers that make you daydream about your own vigilante persona. There is an endless list of cool abilities in the show like flying, super strength, and telekinesis.

However, sometimes, superpowers aren't as cool as they seem, and that's something The Boys has no problem delving headfirst into.

The following ten powers fit the bill here, as they are the bottom of the barrel. Some of them are great concepts with debilitating limitations, others are duller than a Billy Joel fan, and then there are some that just straight up suck.


Spoilers ahead!

10. Fire Enhancement - Lamplighter

The Boys
Amazon Studios

Whenever a group of youngsters go around the table talking about what superpowers they want, there's always that one edgy kid who says they want to shoot fireballs. To be fair, controlling fire would be an incredible gift. But, unfortunately for Lamplighter, he sure does make it look lame.

The problem with Lamplighter's flame enhancement is that it's just that, enhancement. He can't generate anything himself, which means he always needs to rely on carrying a flame around with him. This takes a really cool power and turns it into the human version of a spray can and lighter.

Even The Boys themselves get a good chuckle out of the guy, as when he turns up to meet them in the episode "The Bloody Doors Off", they laugh him out of the room. This is mostly because he looks ridiculous having to lug around a giant lantern staff just to activate his powers.

Plus, to add the cherry to this already disappointing sundae, he is also vulnerable to his own flames. So he can do as much damage to himself as his enemies. Where's the fun in that?

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