The Boys: 10 WORST Powers

9. Talking To Fish - The Deep

The Boys

Being able to talk to Ariel and Sebastian might be a dream come true for a 4-year-old, but for a superhero, it's not the coolest skill.

The Deep is an absolute joke, and that comes from many things. There's the hilariously pathetic (yet brilliant) performance from Chace Crawford, the non-subtle parallels to DC's Aquaman, the character's constant misfortune, and, of course, his unbelievably crappy powers.

In some ways, being able to talk to fish and have a relationship with sea life is cool - even if Deep uses it for *cough* special reasons. It opens up a whole new world of interesting characters and would give you the chance to see life from a different world. However, in regards to crimefighting, it offers precious little.

The truth is, if you're working from inside a city and aren't near a large body of water (which is the case for The Deep), then your power is 100% useless. The show constantly makes a joke out of this, as Deep is shown to be ineffective, and the only time he ever gets to use his power results in the sea life he loves meeting horrible, grizzly fates.

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