The Boys: 10 WTF Moments

9. Starlight's Introduction To The Seven

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Not all WTF moments have to be gory, gross, or explicit. In fact, this moment hits the audience so hard because of just how realistic and plausible this abhorrent situation is.

Bright eyed (literally) newcomer to the superhero group The Seven, Starlight is an idealistic, quintessential hero that we instantly feel for and relate to due to her big dreams and ambition to save the world.

Being shown around The Seven's chambers by the seemingly welcoming water superhero The Deep, Starlight admits her childhood dreams of being in the team and her schoolgirl crush on The Deep.

When she turns back to face him, she is appalled to find his trousers round his ankles. Understandably disgusted, she tries to leave, but with the threat of losing her dream job and being blackmailed to lose her superhero status forever, The Deep forces Starlight to go along with his advances.

It's a hard scene to watch unfold, and one which is unfortunately very topical, which makes it all the more shocking.

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