The Boys: 18 Biggest WTF Moments From Season 3

Somehow The Boys has outdone itself once again.

The Boys Seth Rogen

Everyone watching The Boys at this stage surely knows what to expect, right? The entire thing kicked off with a superhero running through an innocent girl, the titular team drove a speedboat through the stomach of a whale, and the show's version of Superman has a thing for drinking breast milk.

However, season three somehow still managed to step things up. Even in a show that is known for being batsh*t crazy, that ante was more than upped in what is arguably the best season so far. Surely after everything that happened in the first two seasons, there would be nothing that could surprise fans anymore, right? Wrong.

The Amazon show has just finished its third exceptional season and has left audiences just as gobsmacked, shocked, and downright disgusted as ever before. It has gotten to the point now that are literally no limits to how far things can go.

Whether it was unexpected cameos, the sex and debauchery of superheroes, or huge revelations about characters you thought you knew, there were plenty of moments throughout season three that made you step back and ask, WT actual F?

Needless to say, major spoilers for season three of The Boys to follow...

18. Dawn Of The Seven's Stormfront

The Boys Seth Rogen

As part of the marketing campaign for season three of The Boys, there had already been a spoof trailer for ‘Dawn of the Seven’ released before the first new episode. This is exactly where season three picked up from, only with more context.

‘Dawn of the Seven’ took shots at just about every comic book movie trope going, as well as some more specifically focused insults, but its main purpose was to show five members of the Seven coming together to fight Stormfront.

Every superhero in this movie played themselves, it’s part of the job at Vought, though for obvious reasons they couldn’t get Stormfront to join the cast on account of her being a Nazi and burned to a crisp by Ryan. Instead, they brought in Charlize Theron for the role.

Within minutes of season three hitting screens there was a huge shock. Fresh off a post-credit sting that brought her into the MCU, Theron has now become a part of the Boys world with a wonderful and surprising cameo. Season three came with a lot of twists and turns, but no one saw this coming.

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