The Boys: 18 Biggest WTF Moments From Season 3

17. Termite's Sex Life

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From the very beginning, The Boys showed that superheroes aren’t all like Captain America and Superman. They aren’t truly symbols of justice, truth, or hope, most of them are in fact the exact opposite. That’s kind of the point of the entire show.

A-Train ran through Robin and laughed about it, Homelander simply did whatever the f*ck he wanted, and then there was the general drink and drug abuse that seemingly every supe but Starlight was addicted to. On top of all of this was the supes’ tendency towards sexual deviancy.

They all used their unique powers to bring something different and usually weird to their sex lives, but none so much as Termite. The Boys’ version of Ant-Man could shrink down and get to places no one else could. In episode one, after having sex with a Barbie doll for a hooting audience, he had a more private moment in which his partner asked him to shrink down and enter him where you wouldn't typically expect.

There is something about a huge penis taking up the entire screen that was just bizarre, even before the supe sneezed while inside causing him to grow to full size and literally rip the other man in two from within. The fact that this was inspired by the popular theory of how Ant-Man could kill Thanos makes it even better.

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