The Boys: Ranking All Members Of The Seven’s Powers

They may be Earth's Superhero Elite. But how do they fare up against each other?

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The world of The Boys is one that is filled to brim with Superheroes and villains. Much like the DC and Marvel universes it parodies, it has its fair share of characters with very minor and ineffective powers to characters that make them pretty much God like.

While Marvel and DC have the Avengers and Justice League respectively to separate the heroes from the zeroes, the world of The Boys has the elite group called The Seven.

Now that Season 2 of The Boys has finished, we have enough information (so far...) on all current and past members of the Seven to judge how powerful each of them are and how capable they are of murdering one of us.

So here now is a list to judge how each member of the Seven that has ever been mentioned in the two series run of The Boys squares up against one another in terms of pure strength.

This is not a list ranking favourites or how good a character each Seven Member is, this is a ranking of how powerful they are.

Oh, and spoilers ahead for both seasons...

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