The Boys: Ranking All Members Of The Seven’s Powers

8. The Deep

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The Deep is by far The Boys' most obvious parody of a comic book character. With his ability to control and communicate with sea life - and as he's mostly seen as a joke by even other members of the Seven - he's clearly a not so subtle allegory for Aquaman.

And of course, like Aquaman, this means that his powers are very useful when it comes to dealing with pirates and other sea based threats. But when it comes to dry land business, where most of crimes and worldly threats will take place, it’s hard not to think that there would be someone else better for the job.

Both Aquaman and The Deep are still very durable, and could easily beat a mortal man in a fight on wet or dry land. The Deep, however, isn’t exactly at the top of his game, and this is proven by the fact that he spends quite a lot of the two season run of the Boys moping about and being naive, falling for the tricks of Church of The Collective.

Yes, The Deep is very strong and can control sea life very well, but his weakness is his own self doubt, which even a mortal man can manipulate.

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