The Boys Season 1: 9 Questions In Desperate Need Of Answers

9. How Many Super Terrorists Has Homelander Planted?

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As the season was coming to a close, Homelander revealed to Madelyn Stillwell that he had distributed Compound V to various hostile nations across the planet in order to create super powered terrorists for The Seven to fight. This came at the perfect time for the pair, with the CIA cracking down on Vought International and with Vought figureheads trying to pass a bill in congress that would allow supes to join the military.

We are first introduced to these super-terrorists with The Captain, who makes an appearance in a recording taken by the US military in which he survives multiple gunshots followed by an explosion, walking away unharmed. The following episode shows Homelander clearing out a terrorist compound in Syria, but noticeably lacks a showdown with The Captain.

Going by this, The Captain is surely going to make a real debut in Season Two, but how many more will there be? Homelander alluded to multiple villains, so could each of them be the focal point of an episode next season? Could they even team up to fight The Seven? Either way, we’re sure to see a big face-off between the bad guys and… well, the other bad guys soon enough.

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