The Boys Season 3: 10 Shocking Comic Book Moments That Must Happen

Amazon's The Boys could have some seriously wild moments in store for Season 3.


After over a decade of interconnected Marvel movies and the successful call for Zack Snyder's rebranded Justice League, there's no doubt that the superhero genre is bigger than ever. But where Marvel and DC can be enjoyed by young and old alike, the same cannot be said for Amazon's The Boys, which takes a more realistic look at superpowers and those who inherit them.

While it was Deadpool that officially turned the genre on its head back in 2016 with its R-rating, The Boys most certainly took things a step further by shocking viewers with some of the most grotesque and uncomfortable scenes ever brought to television. From A-Train's trip through Robin's insides to that cringe-inducing segment involving The Deep's gills, there have been some memorable moments to say the least.

And with the inclusion of Homelander's previously deleted self-gratification scene towards the end of season two, it's looking as if Amazon Prime have finally handed complete control of the series over to showrunner Erik Kripke. This means that season three has the potential to be the craziest instalment in the history of the streaming platform.

So let's take a look at the characters and story arcs we can expect Kripke to draw from in an attempt to make the upcoming season one to remember.

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